The Story

JetBlue brings a sense of humanity and fun back into flying. Our challenge was to create their first app: a unique companion app that offered all the utility one needs during the travel cycle, while maintaining the playful tone that JetBlue’s known for. We were inspired by the JetBlue aircraft tail fins – the ‘Mosaic’ pattern – in both the navigation and visual design. While the base functionality of an airline app is a laundry list of pre- and post-booking activity, we also wanted to bring in a level of innovation, whimsy and refinement by design that’s often missing in travel apps.

An airline travel app that follows you every step of your journey.

We wanted to get real-time information to people on the go. We ensured people can quickly book flights and stay updated, thanks to iOS functions like geolocation, calendars and push notifications. Aside from checking in and booking flights, people can also share itineraries, see weather and city destination guides, as well as see in-flight TV and set reminders for shows airing during their flight. In addition to utility, the app offers fun aspects like a custom photo postcard creator, shareable with friends and family across social media.

The Results

From the moment you launch the app, you don't need to click a single button to see the information you need – a first for any airline app. The app’s homescreen actually changes based on where you are during your travel cycle, whether pre-flight, day-of, returning and so on. But providing people with helpful real-time data is the backbone of the app in every way. Taking a huge amount of information, content and live data and displaying it back to people in an aesthetically clean and intuitive way was a big win for us.