Connecting with Indonesians as they celebrate Ramadan online

Pravin Shetty, Christian Lopulalan / January 2021

Last year, Indonesians observed Ramadan very differently — by celebrating the holy period virtually. We recently shared three success stories from last year's Ramadan lockdown, but with the country still enforcing social distancing, brands need new insights to help connect with their audiences this year, too.

Our Winning Ramadan 2021 playbook is full of insights on how consumers are hosting virtual “buka bersama” (breaking of fast) celebrations, inspiring creatives from Indonesian brands, marketing tips like how to plan your media during phases of interest, and other ways to connect with audiences and drive impact online during the festive period.

Contributor: Iftikar Izzaturrahman, Industry Analyst, E-commerce & Finance

Rethinking Ramadan creatives in a time of uncertainty