New ad opportunities arise with demand for connected TV in Asia

How the streaming boom has landed us back in the living room.

Combining the best aspects of digital video and television, connected TV is the latest force you can’t ignore.

People streaming YouTube on TV1

Connected TV (CTV) is big, and it’s growing.

It now takes up almost half of global video impression share,2 and it’s the fastest growing streaming platform.3

Globally, casting watch time for YouTube grew by over 75% year over year.4

In 2019, the global connected TV market was valued at $106 billion. It’s expected to reach $113 billion by the end of 2026.

92% of people in Indonesia and 78% of people in Australia say they have increased their consumption of streaming content during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On an average day, the majority of people across countries in APAC are streaming or watching online TV: Vietnam (83%), Thailand (78%), Indonesia (63%), Malaysia (69%), Singapore (68%), and the Philippines (76%).1


GlobalWebIndex, Wave Q1 2020.

More CTV converts means more ads are being watched on the big screen at home — even by previously unreachable audiences like cord-cutters and cord-nevers.

And it’s not just quantity. CTV viewers are also more engaged and emotionally invested.

Here’s why they’re hooked:

Today’s viewers are moving from “me” to “we” in the living room

They’re streaming their favorite content as a communal activity and sharing the magic together with their loved ones.

This means that people are spending a bigger part of the day consuming digital content.

And they’re even more engaged when watching as a group.

When an ad comes on, co-viewers experience a stronger emotional response than solo viewers.

Average percentile rank of emotional response to ads5

Sometimes bigger is just better

CTV setups are all about enhanced audio and visual quality, creating a more immersive experience that keeps audiences coming back to content from their favorite creators.

Across APAC, CTV viewers are sitting down to watch for longer periods of time,6 and choosing to watch longer videos.7

“The big screen is more powerful.”8
— Japanese CTV viewer

According to Japanese viewers, watching CTV is a satisfying experience: It’s easy to use, and it lets them watch for hours on end in the most comfortable positions.9

For people who value both comfort and quality, CTV is a perfect match

Viewers love being able to engage with content on their own terms

Free from cable TV schedules, they can now stream whatever they want, whenever they want.

Gone are the days of passive channel surfing — today’s users are all about crafting their own viewing experiences.

With CTV, the digital world is your oyster.

All over APAC, people are pressing play on a wide variety of content — from sports and travel to cooking and more.

YOY growth in watch time
as of March 202110

In order to join the fun, brands should view CTV as a chance to connect, instead of simply a channel to conquer.

No one likes a party-crasher. Brands should enhance the CTV viewing experience, not disrupt it

CTV is a powerful addition to the marketer’s toolbox for building cross-platform video strategies.

With more eyes on the big
, brands can:

Reach new and
hard-to-reach audiences

Form deeper connections

Measure and optimize

Is CTV on your watchlist?
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Head of YouTube Priorities and Programmatic Media, Asia Pacific


Story: Jess Duarte and Merlyn Koh; Design & Animation: PHQ (Agency); Product Lead: Casey Fictum; Production Lead: Jenny Maughan.


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