The trends turning curious shoppers into customers this season
Discover the three trends,influencing shoppers and learn how to move customers from inspiration,to action.
Shopping habits
have changed in the
last two years
Shifts in consumer demand and uncertainties like supply chain disruptions continue to shape the way people shop. But throughout all this uncertainty, one thing remains the same.
Every purchase
starts with a moment
of curiosity
That holds true whether you’re searching for holiday gift ideas or buying a television for your new home.
Whenever, wherever, and however curiosity sparks, your brand should be ready with a message
Here are the three key trends to expect this season and how to use them to turn curious shoppers into customers.
People are shopping earlier than ever
Turn early holiday shoppers into customers.
As early as June,
26% of shoppers
globally have already begun
their holiday shopping.1
Many people research and shop months in advance
of events, and this year’s holiday season will
be no exception
Those who have already begun their holiday shopping want help with:
And 18% have already
made a purchase.4
Unboxing videos,
written recipes, home improvement blogs, and more all help to inform buying decisions

7 out of 10 shoppers in APAC
agree that advertising on
YouTube makes them more likely
to purchase the brand.5

Video ads can help brands deliver relevant, personalized experiences to audiences at their most engaged moments.
But inspiration
doesn’t just happen
on YouTube
As customers search for ideas, visual shopping experiences such as lifestyle photography, videos, and customer reviews can make lasting impressions.
75% of shoppers in Indonesia and
Singapore,use Google to search, explore,
and evaluate products from brands.6

When featuring Rothy’s products on Search and YouTube, we not only highlight the thoughtful design details, but we also showcase our shoes and bags styled for different occasions.

This helps our customers visualize themselves wearing Rothy’s in everyday life. We want to build creative that resonates with the prospective customer and makes them feel part of our community.
Anthony McLoughlin
Vice President, E-Commerce and Growth Marketing
There’s a new kind of shopper in town
Turn omnibuyers into customers.
Google Maps searches for
“shopping near me” have grown globally by over 100% YoY.7
With more customers returning to in-store shopping, this has given rise to omnichannel shopping behavior
65% of shoppers say,they tend to research products online even if they intend to buy in store.8
These habits are built
around convenience and spontaneity. Shopping inspiration can strike anytime, anywhere
Across channels, searches containing “store open” have grown globally by over 400% YoY.9
These habits are built
around convenience and spontaneity. Shopping inspiration can strike anytime, anywhere
Scale and speed are the keys to reaching more holiday shoppers, no matter where they are in their journeys
Performance Max’s goal-based campaign helps us meet consumers at the right moment in their purchase journey when they are looking for our coffee machines and capsules.
Sutthipan Watcharaplakornkul
Digital & Social Media Manager, Nespresso
Conscious spending is on the rise amid inflationary pressures
Turn window shoppers into loyal customers.
36% of shoppers purchased a brand that was different from their preferred brand to get a better price.10
While price is important, shoppers are also spending more time researching and seeking value from their purchases
53% of shoppers
are more likely to buy for durability versus affordable products that may need to be replaced more frequently.11
Whatever makes your
business unique, showcase it
when people are making their purchase decisions
Promote your deals, shipping and return benefits, in-store inventory, and store pickup options in your messaging and on Search.
Shopping ads have helped enhance users’ online shopping experience by allowing them to better visualize Castlery’s products and make more informed decisions on reviews. What’s more, shopping ads are able to feature Castlery's unique offerings like price discounts and delivery fees, which helps to improve our conversion rate.

Yan Huang
Head Of Growth & Marketing, Castlery
Whether they’re early shoppers, omnibuyers, rigorous researchers, or all three, Google’s tools, insights, and automated solutions can help you understand what your shoppers want and need
Prepare for a successful holiday shopping season with our guide.
Reach more holiday shoppers, no matter where they are in their journeys.
Dive into our Retail Marketing Guide
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