How omnichannel retailers can maximize impact this shopping season

Sally Jeffery, Prajwal Chinta / August 2020

The events of this year have completely transformed the way of life — especially when it comes to shopping. Whether it’s replenishing the refrigerator or stocking up on household items, consumers are doing it all online — browsing, searching, and purchasing.

South East Asia saw a 62% increase in Shopify store creations between April to May compared to the previous year.1 With new online storefronts to capture the attention of a growing digital shopper population, expectations for fast, frictionless e-commerce experiences are on the rise. This behavior will have lasting effects as 70% of shoppers will continue to shop the categories they began to buy online due to the pandemic.2

As e-commerce grows, retailers shouldn’t forget about brick-and-mortar shoppers. Many people still appreciate the immediacy and tangibility of shopping in a physical store. 79% of APAC mobile-first shoppers typically look for information online, as they shop in physical stores.3 Therefore, it is imperative for retailers to create omnichannel experiences that are easy, intuitive, and reliable.

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Contributors: Jasmine Li, Associate Product Marketing Manager - Retail; Aaqib Hasnain, Product Marketing Manager - SAF, SG Hub, MY

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