How brands are leveraging the latest ad capabilities to maximize personalization, relevance and scale

Roohneet Kaur / October 2020

As COVID-19 brought Indians into their homes, everyone started watching more videos on even more devices. But even before the pandemic, people always flocked to online video for helpful advice, information and entertainment, so they had many options of what to watch once lockdown came. So even with increased viewers, brands still have to think smart to stand out.

It also meant customers started going through very different experiences and brands must adapt to reach the people they care about. It’s a tricky mix between creating useful content, reaching relevant audiences with the right format and at scale, while breaking through the endless stream of information that people see daily.

YouTube Select provides a diverse mix of relevant content programs, allowing brands to connect with their audiences through an expansive library of premium videos that are not only relevant and contextual, but also brand-safe. Here’s how three brands are using these tools to get the most out of their video marketing strategy.

Build an authentic connection through personalized content

People are searching and selecting content that speaks directly to who they are, what they stand for, and what they care about. With so many options, people can find very custom pieces of content. So in order to get in front of people, brands need to find information their customers relate to and are influenced by.

More than 70% of consumers felt that content on YouTube made them feel a deeper human connection, grounded in personal experience.*

With the goal of becoming an Indian household staple and helping everyday cooking become more tasty & aromatic, Nestlé Masala-ae-Magic brand leaned into personalization with a campaign that reached food enthusiasts on YouTube via top creators based on the kind of recipes people were searching for. Nestlé had four popular regional home chefs use Maggi’s Masala-ae-Magic fortified flavor enhancer in different Indian dishes, co-creating 20 “cooking routine” videos.

During the six months of the campaign, the brand took over four top food channels to showcase the product’s versatility which drove 2.3x awareness, 50% increase in branded searches and 1.6x uplift in Add to Cart ratio on their website.

Increase efficiency with smarter ad formats and packages

Consumers want a single place to find high-quality content that’s helpful for them in the moments that matter. That’s why 4 out of 5 Indian consumers choose YouTube over other video sources because it has so many different types of videos to offer.1 Taking advantage of the large video library and engaged audience, Asian Paints set out to drive interest in their luxury exterior emulsion brand Ultima.

Asian Paints created three 45 second videos catering to different regions and languages. They then used Instant Reserve, a YouTube product, to buy inventory on Google Ads using a fixed cost per impression (CPM), locking in the number of video impressions right from the beginning of the campaign.

Additionally, Asian Paints used YouTube Select lineups, which are curated content lists packaged by Google based on popularity and relevance of particular topics and moments. They utilized lineups for Home Decor, DIY, General Entertainment Content and News to efficiently reach their audience, resulting in their campaign showing ads to 26% more people at the same cost.

Create custom packages to reach a specific audience and increase engagement

The pandemic has affected the economy and as people are concerned about their life and income, they’re seeking to learn new skills. In fact, more than 75% of people who came to YouTube, did it to learn something new, develop a skill or get smart about a topic.2

As people turned to the internet to find answers, ETMoney wanted to help people understand how to keep more money in their pocket and build brand awareness along the way. They ran a campaign showing people how they could save significant money with last-minute tax strategies.

To reach a wide group of people, ETMoney worked with YouTube to partner with a custom mix of diverse financial creators who each cater to a different audience. The creators made instructional videos that walked people through the tax saving landscape in India, how to save money, and explained how investing with the ETMoney app can help save up to Rs. 78000/- on their taxes.

At the same time, the brand invested in a curated finance lineup. These YouTube Select lineups by category — including finance, entertainment, sports, comedy, music, and gaming — make it easy for brands to get full coverage across topics. The curated finance package gave ETMoney 100% share-of-voice across any finance related video on YouTube in India. With over 2M views and 8,000+ likes and comments, the campaign also increased search queries by more than 160%.

Instructional video on tax saving

Get better results with YouTube Select

Connecting with your audience at scale means knowing how and when to reach them, and what information they will find valuable. Marketers can take advantage of YouTube’s premium content offerings through YouTube Select to reach their audience in the moments that matter.

Marketers can pick from content lineups based on certain genres like Home Decor similar to Asian Pains, from categories like finance similar to ETMoney, or from a diverse mix of other lineups that tailor to globally and locally relevant needs, including niche channels, verticals, particular moments and more. Depending on your needs, you can find the right mix of content to reach your audience.

With brand suitability controls, as well as the option to only serve ads on videos that have been machine classified and human-verified across all lineups, brands marketers can be assured their brand is protected and that their content is seen at the right time, by the right people.

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