Hong Kong’s Chow Sang Sang creates better ad experiences for growing customer base

October 2018
  • To stay top of mind, Chow Sang Sang Jewellery developed data-driven display ads with different messaging tailored to different audiences.
  • The campaign drove a 3X higher monthly conversion rate and 52% higher conversion rate on the company’s e-commerce site.
  • The dynamic ads also drove a 38% lower cost-per-action (CPA) and 5% lower cost-per-click (CPC).

Established in 1934, Chow Sang Sang Jewellery, a subsidiary of Chow Sang Sang, is a household name and one of China’s most popular jewelry retailers. With 541 stores across greater China, the company offers thousands of products at affordable prices, including diamonds, gold, and platinum as well as other precious metals and gemstones.

After more than eight decades in the industry, Chow Sang Sang noticed that consumer behavior was changing. As consumers increasingly browsed and shopped online, the company realized it needed to “go where the customers are” and update its traditional advertising approach by incorporating digital ads. Chow Sang Sang initially spent a lot of money and resources manually creating different ads for different audiences, product lines, seasons, and campaigns — precious time that could’ve been spent on other marketing activities. To more efficiently serve personalized messaging to different audiences, the company set its sights on data-driven creative.

Saving time and money

By employing automated ads, Chow Sang Sang saved time and money, resulting in a 3X higher monthly conversion rate with the same media budget. The conversion rate on the company’s e-commerce site also increased by 52%. On top of all that, the dynamic creative drove a 38% lower CPA and a 5% lower CPC.


Reaching potential customers with tailored ads

Chow Sang Sang worked with its digital agency, FiveStones, to develop ads tied to its latest promotional themes. First, the team created a dynamic template in Google Web Designer and Data Studio, part of Google Marketing Platform. Using an XML feed or Google document, Chow Sang Sang was able to easily update the template with new ad copy or imagery based on holidays or sales. For example, the company served ads celebrating its anniversary in August and Cyber Monday ads in November.


Chow Sang Sang’s media planning and buying partner, Mindshare, also played a critical role in inventory choice and audience selection. Using the company’s rich first-party data, the team was able to create even more tailored ads based on what it knew about its intended audience. Mindshare executed the media buy through Display & Video 360, and it used Campaign Manager to continuously track and optimize the campaign’s performance.

“We compared the figures before and after using data-driven creative, and we’re thrilled with the results. Our company is doing all sorts of digital transformation to provide a better customer experience,” concluded Fai Leung, senior manager, e-commerce at Chow Sang Sang Holdings International. “Looking into the future, we see data-driven creative playing a core role in our advertising plan.”

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