Programmatic Guaranteed with BCG & Nielsen: A video series

September 2018

APAC marketers, take note: The days of manually buying and selling premium inventory via Direct Reservations are over. Programmatic Guaranteed is the new, more convenient way of automatically transacting premium inventory. Saving marketers and customers valuable time and effort, the automated process improves marketing spend effectiveness. Watch the videos below to learn more about the benefits of Programmatic Guaranteed and how advertisers, agencies, and publishers can adopt it.

Programmatic Guaranteed is a new way of transacting premium inventory that lets buyers and sellers enjoy automated efficiencies on top of the benefits of Direct Reservations.

Programmatic Guaranteed campaigns are, on average, 29% faster for buyers and 57% faster for publishers, saving time that can be reinvested into more valuable activities.

Programmatic Guaranteed allows advertisers to reach 11% more people for the same media investments as before, while providing a better user experience.

Advertisers, agencies, and publishers can maximize the benefits of Programmatic Guaranteed by rethinking their organizations, operations, and systems to get ahead of the curve.

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