Ringing results: How Samsung found success in Indonesia’s smartphone-savvy market

December 2018

To stand out in Indonesia’s competitive smartphone market, brands need to gain their audience’s attention — and sustain it. Dive into Samsung’s strategy to see how the brand used Programmatic Guaranteed to execute one of its most successful campaigns this year.

As smartphone usage in Indonesia continues to grow, brands have countless opportunities to reach consumers looking to upgrade their mobile devices. When Samsung first launched the Galaxy A6 and A6+, it saw a spike in product interest. The challenge was keeping that interest up for months after launch and ensuring the new phone was top-of-mind when consumers were ready to buy a new phone. That’s when Samsung and its media agency, Starcom, started looking for an efficient way to keep up its visibility and reach more users without overstretching its budget.

Unlike direct reservations, which Samsung used on past campaigns, Programmatic Guaranteed let the company cap the number of times a person saw its ads across various sites, allowing the brand to run its campaigns for a longer period of time without wasting impressions. By implementing its new buying strategy, Samsung reached 4X the number of unique users at 25% of the usual cost per user, amounting to one of the most successful campaigns the company has ever run. “With all the new opportunities we now have to connect with our consumers, we are so excited to see how we can reach even more people in better ways,” said Ratna Kemuning, media manager at Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

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