Experiment: How FlexiSpot turned pandemic uncertainty into certain growth

April 2021

What we set out to test

Can retailers unlock incremental quality traffic and increase online revenue more efficiently with Discovery ads and Search ads?

The background

FlexiSpot is a brand under Loctek, a leading China-based manufacturer of home office desks. In the past, the brand relied on Search and Smart Shopping Campaigns to drive its sales online, and to establish itself as the go-to place for quality home office furniture.

COVID-19 brought unprecedented change, complexity, and uncertainty. As work from home became the new norm, demand for FlexiSpot’s height-adjustable standing desks and other ergonomic solutions spiked. Search queries ranged between +20% to 140% MoM from March to May 2020.

To capitalize on this momentum, FlexiSpot was eager to see how it could boost discoverability, drive more quality website traffic, and convert new potentials to customers.

How we set the experiment up

FlexiSpot used a controlled pre-post analysis test in the U.S., which ran for four weeks with 2.6X budgets. This followed a pre-phase test over a comparable four-week period.

  • Pre: Generic Search ads only
  • Post: Generic Search ads + Discovery ads*

*Optimized to maximize online add-to-cart beyond just purchases to capture valuable mid-funnel actions as well.

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Solutions we used

What we learned

Brands can boost campaign reach and effectiveness with cross-media ad strategies. By adding interactive and visually-compelling Discovery ads to its existing Search ads, FlexiSpot achieved:

Article - Inline Nugget-02 (2).png

In addition, the campaign unlocked cross-channel synergies through improved Search performance during the test period:

Article - Inline Nugget-03 (1).png

Inspired by the results (compared to pre-experiment Search ads only), FlexiSpot has adopted always-on Discovery ads to keep attracting new customers. Having realized the importance of upper-funnel campaigns, FlexiSpot will continue to experiment with other digital strategies and solutions to increase consumer penetration and market share.

"Thanks for Google’s support. We find that Discovery ads are very cost-effective in driving new customers. Looking forward to more new products from Google.” – Ted Kang, Marketing Team Lead, Loctek

This case study is part of the Experiment with Google Ads program.

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