How Elex Tech’s App Promotion Campaign Drove More Than 30M Downloads

After debuting Clash of Kings to worldwide acclaim, Elex Tech wanted to make sure the downloads and engaged users kept rolling in. Running a digital app promotional campaign helped the brand reach an even wider audience and drive more than 30M downloads, conquering “a significant milestone in our business,” in the words of the CEO.

Increase downloads of and user base for Clash of Kings
Improve lifetime value of key gamer segments while maintaining ROI
Boost brand engagement with users
Leveraged Google’s reach to connect with a large volume of users at scale
Used Google Ads software development kit and Google analytical tools to optimize campaigns
Ran ads on YouTube, using it as the prime channel for branding strategy
30M+ downloads
60% of game’s active users came from Google ads
50% of the game’s revenue is attributable to Google solutions
Increased number of high-value users with high retention rates

As one of China’s most renowned mobile gaming companies, Elex Tech has captured the attention of millions of users with several successful game and product launches. One of these, Clash of Kings, is considered to be a major breakthrough in the industry for having reached a massive global audience. The initial popularity of Clash was impressive, but Elex Tech’s long-term strategy hinged on continuously increasing the game’s number of players and high-value users.

With the combined power of YouTube and Google’s analytics solutions, Elex Tech advanced in its quest to make Clash of Kings a legend in the gaming industry. Xianlin Xie, CEO of Elex Tech, described the brand’s success:

Our collaboration with Google helped us achieve a significant milestone in our business. Today, over 60% of our active users and more than 50% of our revenue are attributable to Google. Our brand campaign has enabled us to reach new audiences and generate more value from our growing user base.

Here’s how they did it:

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