Experiment with Google Ads: Advanced audiences on YouTube accelerate awareness and consideration for new brands



Video ads accelerated by advanced audience solutions can effectively drive awareness and consideration for new brands entering the market.


WeDo, an online marketplace in New Zealand, is designed to connect people who need help with household tasks with nearby professionals. As a newcomer in the country’s competitive household services market, WeDo’s goal was to increase its reach and awareness among potential customers.

WeDo launched its first campaign to see if video ads on YouTube could drive brand awareness and consideration with key, relevant audiences.

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WeDo used Video experiments to test the brand impact of YouTube campaigns on different audiences. The Video experiments tool splits audiences to ensure a user only sees one campaign, letting experimenters observe the individual impact of each campaign.

The experiment ran for 10 days in New Zealand and the same creative was used for each test, ensuring the audience groups were the only variable.

  • Control group: TrueView ad and demographic audiences (25-54)
  • Test group 1: TrueView ad and affinity (Home & Garden, Lifestyle & Hobbies)
  • Test group 2: TrueView ad and advanced audiences*

*Advanced audience solutions used: in-market (Home & Garden), Life Events (moving), detailed demo (homeowners), and custom intent



Advanced audience solutions allow YouTube ads to most effectively drive brand awareness and consideration by helping reach the most relevant audiences.

“Experimenting with Google helped us realize the power of YouTube as a platform and the impact of ‘beyond demo’ audience solutions in driving consideration with key audiences efficiently and effectively. The ability to essentially predict intent and invest at this stage is really exciting.” —Tom Hunt, marketing lead, Spark New Zealand


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