How Pakistan’s Sana Safinaz Broke Onto the World Stage

Pakistan, known for its expansive mountain ranges, fast fashion exports, and top-notch carpet weavers, is hardly the first place that comes to mind when it comes to high fashion. Enter Sana Safinaz, one of the nation’s biggest fashion houses, which was determined to grow its business internationally. Turning to the power of digital, Sana Safinaz used Google ads in an effort to drive more traffic to its website—and it worked. Web traffic from international markets, online sales, in-store foot traffic, and in-store sales are all on the upswing.

Enter new international markets
Leverage growing interest in digital while customers were mainly buying offline
Expand business and boost profits
Used display ads to raise awareness during new product launches
Ran search ads to connect with people looking for Sana Safinaz products online
Used banner ads to remarket to past customers
+41% uplift in in-store foot traffic
+68% uplift in offline purchases
+200% increase in online traffic from international markets’s Progressive Web App Brings Hassle-Free Online Travel Bookings to Indian Consumers