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Rethink the Mix: Creating impactful multimedia campaigns

The data tells us combining offline and online makes your advertising 50% more effective. It also tells us that for every channel you add to your campaign, you improve your ROI and effectiveness by up to 35%. So is it adding up? It’s time to rethink the mix — and we’ve got the data and insights to help give yours a stir.

By the numbers

Multimedia campaigns tend to have a higher ROI than single media campaigns. For every channel you add to your campaign you improve your ROI and effectiveness by up to 35%.


51% of advertisers say they’re not confident they have the right media mix (up from 44% in 2019).

The returns of paid search marketing are 2X with online fulfillment.


Integrated campaigns are 31% more effective than non-integrated campaigns.

Long form, engaging creative drives business results. Based on ROI index by online video duration, we see that ads longer than 1 minute in duration see the highest ROI.

When researching products online, 1 in 3 consumers will choose their second choice brand over their first choice because it shows up on the search page.

Moving pictures have consistently been shown to deliver strong results both in the long and short term, regardless of the screen size.


Combining TV and paid search gives you a 25% increase in ROI.

Combining offline and online in a combined channel approach is 50% more efficient than offline alone.

Boost results across channels

Stay ahead of consumer trends