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Connect the dots. 70% of all consumer journeys involve a Google touchpoint such as Search, YouTube, or Maps.

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It’s not what you think. Online channels such as search, display, and digital video drive 42% of in-store sales, while offline channels such as out-of-home and TV drive 40% of online sales.

Moving pictures have consistently been shown to deliver strong results both in the long and short term, regardless of the screen size.

When researching products online, 1 in 3 consumers will choose their second choice brand over their first choice because it shows up on the search page.

Long form, engaging creative drives business results. Based on ROI index by online video duration, we see that ads longer than 1 minute in duration see the highest ROI.

The returns of paid search marketing are 2X with online fulfillment.


Combining TV and paid search gives you a 25% increase in ROI.