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81% of adults in Australia and 88% of adults in New Zealand under 55 now shop online.

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9 in 10 retail dollars spent offline during peak season were influenced by digital.

Google searches for “click and collect” increased 4X since the beginning of COVID-19 and continued to grow 65% in 2021.

More than half of retail searches happen outside 9 AM–5 PM.

During peak retail season, 65% of online purchases were made on mobile.

Be there when they’re looking. When researching products online, 1 in 3 consumers will choose their second-choice brand over their first choice just because it shows up in the Search results.

It’s only the beginning. In Q1 2021, over 7M Aussie households shopped online — a 12% increase versus the same period in 2020. But Australia’s online retail penetration rate is still at 9.4%, indicating a significant opportunity for growth.