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Emily Eberhard

Global Head of Retail and Shopping Ads, Google

1 Google Data, U.S., Oct.-Dec. 2014 and 2016

2 Google Data, U.S., November 2016. Search examples are among the top 1000 searches.

3 Google Shopping Insights, U.S., all devices, Nov. 1, 2016-Nov. 13, 2017

4 Google Data, U.S., Oct. 2014-Dec. 2016

5 Google Data, U.S., Nov. 24, 2016

6 Google Data, U.S., Jan.-June 2015 vs. Jan.-June 2017.

Google Data, U.S., Oct.-Dec. 2016. Search examples are among the top 10,000 searches.

8 Google Data, Aggregated, anonymized store traffic from a sample of U.S. users that have turned on Location History, Nov. 2014, 2015 and 2016, U.S. Compared the percentage of store traffic to clothing stores, department stores, electronics stores, toy stores and shopping malls during the three-week period leading up to Black Friday weekend: Nov. 10-30, 2014, Nov. 9-29, 2015, and Nov. 7-27, 2016.

Google Analytics, U.S., Jan.-Dec. 2016. Based on data from Google Analytics accounts that have authorized Google to share website data in an aggregate way.