July 2016

While waiting to pick up her kids, Cara took advantage of a few free minutes to research flights on her smartphone for an upcoming trip. She was able to compare flight options and choose an airline, so she could book later that night on her laptop or smartphone.

Most consumers have "stolen moments"—when they unexpectedly find themselves with a few minutes to spare—and turn to their smartphones to help them research, plan, or discover. Booking a trip can be a longer process for many travelers, so they often use their smartphones in these quick bursts to find the information they need in their time-to-make-a-plan moments. These quick moments inform decisions along the way before they make a final purchase.

As a marketer, you can make it easy for consumers to choose your brand by enabling seamless cross-device movement between screens, and making it simple for them to start the search process on one device, but finish it on another. How? Ensure your mobile site loads quickly and allows consumers to email themselves relevant data so if they change devices, they can easily pick up where they left off.

Over 75% of online adults 18–54 start an activity on one device, but continue or finish it on another.

Source: Google / Ipsos Connect, March 2016, GPS Omnibus, n=2,013 US online respondents 18+.

How the Travel Research Process Plays Out in Time-to-Make-a-Plan Moments