The Beauty Counter Has Gone Digital: How YouTube Creators Can Help Your Australian Brand Connect

Tia Le / June 2016

Beauty content is on the rise on YouTube. Australia in particular is seeing enormous growth, especially among YouTube content creators. Brands that invest in online video and are collaborating with these stars to create original content are driving more engagements and gaining loyal followers.

From eye shadow tutorials to shopping haul videos, Beauty & Fashion is one of the fastest-growing sectors on YouTube, growing 50% from 2014 to 2015 and reaching 114B views.1 Beauty content creators are leading this growth, publishing at a breakneck pace and driving interest in more hands-on and original beauty videos.

Australia in particular is turning heads. The Beauty & Fashion category in Australia is growing at a faster rate than the rest of the world and the top 10 Aussie beauty YouTube stars drive over 20 million views on YouTube each month, 2X more than they did in 2014.1


Tutorials, how-tos, and shopping hauls let today's beauty fans see new products and techniques in action in an environment they trust. This kind of goods-in-action content has helped Australia's top beauty vloggers Lauren Curtis and Chloe Morello combine to earn 18X more views than other leading brands.2

Beauty brands are collaborating with content creators for a whole new look

Beauty buffs turn to YouTube for inspiration and reviews because the content comes from people they can relate to. They seek original takes on new products and techniques from YouTube creators, so much so that original content from creators generated 98% of the 114B beauty-related video views on YouTube.1

With original content on the rise and very much in demand, savvy brands are investing in creator partnerships to reach passionate fans where they spend their time: YouTube. Instead of simply uploading TV ads to YouTube, brands like i love makeup (ILM) by Bobbi Brown and Destination Beauty by L’Oréal Paris are putting online video at the forefront of their media plans, investing more heavily in the platform, and teaming up with YouTube stars to create tutorials and original content.


Brands that include YouTube content as part of their core mainstream marketing strategies are reaping the benefits of their efforts. Views of brand-produced beauty content on YouTube grew 35% faster than views of overall beauty content on YouTube from 2014 to 2015.1 This growing outlet enables brands to connect with fans and educate consumers in new ways.

YouTubers are changing the kind of content beauty fans want to see

For brands to get the most out of their video investment, they'll want to make content that connects and breaks through the clutter. The simplest approach is to think as the YouTubers do.

Top Australian beauty creator Lauren Curtis connects with fans by being authentically happy, publishing often and consistently, and creating content her fans really value. Brands can follow her lead and create the types of videos beauty pupils really crave. Today's video audiences aren’t as interested in promos, production announcements, or behind-the-scenes features. Now, they want to see the goods in action.


For a more in-depth look at how your brand can create a robust YouTube content strategy, check out the YouTube Playbook for Brands.

What's next for the beauty category in Australia

Based on our read of global Search and YouTube trends, here are the trends we expect to see continue in the beauty category:

1. Natural beauty channels will gain popularity

2. Health and skincare topics will get more important as creators and fans get older

3. Creators will find success in niche categories like nail art and specific hairstyles

As interest in beauty content continues to rise in Australia, brands have a tremendous opportunity to create constant dialogue with consumers. Collaborating with content creators, especially top creators, can allow your brand to generate content that engages consumers and wins brand loyalty.

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