How to make everyone on your team a data-savvy marketer

October 2017

To stay competitive in today’s mobile-first world, everyone in your organization—data scientist or not—should know how to analyze and interpret marketing data, from customer insights and key trends to overall performance. Yet, in a recent Econsultancy survey, two-thirds of mainstream marketers said their organizations do not yet have sufficient analyst-related resources to accompany data-related goals. On the other hand, the study showed that leading marketers—those who outperformed their top business goals in 2016—appeared to have found a solution: Enable everyone on the team. Nearly 6 in 10 leaders say that in their organizations today, generalists get enough training to effectively use their data and analytics resources. It’s no surprise then that training your entire marketing team to be data analysis pros can not only amplify your analytics purview, but also help you better reach customers during the moments that matter most. Here’s what to do.

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