Rethinking readiness: Marketing experts explain how to prepare for what’s next

Yiorgos Hadjiandrea, Barney Pierce / December 2020

To learn about the importance of digital transformation, Barney Pierce, director of platforms for Google Australia and New Zealand, and Yiorgos Hadjiandrea, head of Google Marketing Platform for Southeast Asia, spoke with industry experts about how to empower businesses to face the future.

How do businesses deal with unpredictable, fast-moving change? Today’s climate has made us all reconsider what it means to be ready, to pivot and switch gears at a moment’s notice.

There are five key business rules brands can harness to face whatever comes next and prepare for a data-driven, privacy-forward future. To learn how businesses are finding new opportunities and evolving during challenging times with these five rules, we spoke with these marketing technology experts:

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Below are some of the excerpts from the Think with Google broadcast Rethinking Readiness.

Be insights-led: Use smart tools to turn insights into advantage

When the pandemic began in the early months of 2020, brands with the right tech in place were able to spot trends and take action when it mattered most. It wasn’t about making predictions — it was about being ready and acting quickly.

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Be agile: Harness the benefits of automation and machine learning

With many consumers engaging with brands through digital channels this year, infusing your campaigns with automation and machine learning can give you valuable insights. When utilised properly, this technology can play a critical role in creating high-value customer experiences.

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Be data-driven: Measure your data, learn from it, repeat

By aggregating and analysing signals from first-party data, marketers can identify the best course of action. These types of consumer signals were under-leveraged before COVID-19. But that needs to change: They’re vital to both brand recovery and resilience. They’re the window to what matters to your consumers.

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Be privacy-first: Put privacy at the center of your marketing strategy

As businesses in every industry continue to rethink and adapt their strategies for changing consumer behaviour, the importance of building and maintaining trust cannot be understated. All marketers should strive for a privacy-focused, user-centric future. To achieve this, there are practices, changes, and investments marketers can start making now.

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Be adaptable: Get ready by training for it

There’s no point in harnessing valuable real-time signals, taking advantage of automation, and improving your privacy standards if your business isn’t ready to respond quickly and effectively. Agile companies tend to see greater success when they build strong capabilities within their teams, increase communication at all levels, and encourage creative problem solving at every turn. This creates a culture in which people feel empowered to try new things and learn as they go.

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Readiness isn’t about predicting the future. It’s about how you respond to changes as they happen. By following the five business rules, you can be ready for whatever 2021 brings.

Watch our Rethinking Readiness video on-demand to make sure you’re prepared for what comes next.

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