Why getting the timing right helps Australian marketers see better results

Rhys Williams, Sean Downey / April 2018

Know your audience. It’s the first rule of marketing, and it's still as important as ever. But to succeed today—when empowered consumers expect experiences designed exactly for their needs—you also have to get the timing right.

New research from Bain & Company in partnership with Google shares how brands that show up with the right message in just the right moment are the ones finding new pathways to growth and revenue. The results are clear: Business leaders refresh critical marketing metrics and dashboards more frequently, and they prioritise integrated technology platforms to help make those timely customer connections.


Where do timely customer connections start? Inside the data. Australian marketers say that improved understanding and reaching the right customers are top priorities for achieving their marketing goals in the next three years, according to the Bain study.1 To gain a deeper understanding of customers, marketers first need to look at customer behaviour patterns and trends, then take action to reach the right people just in time. That calls for the right platform.

Marketing leaders are 1.6X more likely than laggards to prioritise integrating technology, and they are 1.2X more likely to be advanced users of their technology,2 according to the Bain study. Integrated data and a powerful platform with built-in machine learning helps uncover user insights that let marketers know exactly when to place compelling and relevant creative that gives it the best chance to succeed.

The Bain study shows that leaders (defined as the top 20% in a composite score of revenue and market share growth) share three other things in common.

1. Leaders think digital first

In the U.S., Adidas has made efforts to work more collaboratively across the digital landscape, and teams come together around a common use of digital information. Customer segmentation and technology help them take a customer-first approach to marketing. Chris Murphy, head of digital experience, describes the vision, “If you want to be truly consumer-centric, you have to think digital first. And in order to do that, you’ve got to be data-driven.”  

Adidas uses audience insights to sequence its brand and e-commerce messages for maximum effect. Teams use a unified platform to work on campaigns together, sequencing messages carefully and then testing and adjusting results.

“What we’re hoping to do is provide the consumer with a more connected, personal, and relevant experience across the broader digital ecosystem,” Murphy said.

2. Leaders have more visibility and control

How did our ads appear? Were they effective? Which ones led to the biggest results? Control over investments and channels is the top benefit of integrated marketing and ad tech for leaders.2 They feel it's essential to connect all the customer information they can. Sometimes that means bringing their marketing and ad tech in-house to be closer to the source. According to the Bain study, leaders were 1.4X more likely than laggards to manage technology within marketing, and more expect to do so in the next three years.2


"Retailers and manufacturers need to ensure that the digital customer journey is optimised and personalised, particularly at the lower end of the funnel," said Darren Needham-Walker, marketing director at HP Australia.

3. Leaders share the insights

Want your whole organisation to embrace a data-driven mindset? Start by making insights accessible. A unified platform makes reporting and action easier for everyone. Marketing leaders are 1.7X more likely to refresh their most critical marketing metrics and dashboards at least weekly.2


The new path to growth

In Australia, 85% of marketers prefer integrated technology platforms over best-of-breed solutions.1 Globally, however, the study shows that marketers are prioritizing investments in gaining an improved customer understanding over investments in integrating the technology itself.

Connect your systems, gain control, and share the insights. Those are the three traits of how leading marketers use integrated technology to drive winning results, delivering the message at just the right time, whenever today's empowered consumers need it.

When you know your audience, you can also discover when to reach them. And that's the new path to growth.

To learn more about how leading marketers get the timing right, download the full Bain & Company report.

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