By consolidating your ad buys, you can reach more customers for less. Here’s how Samsung Australia did it

May 2019

When Samsung wanted to find a cost-efficient way to reach more potential customers in premium environments, its agency suggested using Programmatic Guaranteed to consolidate its ad buys. Saving time, money, and effort, the automated process helped the brand reach 2X the number of potential customers at a 63% lower cost per click than standard campaigns.

With more and more brands competing for their attention, consumers’ expectations for seamless experiences are on the rise. That means today’s brands have to be visible and relevant or risk getting ignored — or worse, overshadowed by savvier competitors. So when Samsung wanted to boost visibility in Australia’s crowded tech market, it knew it had to find an engaging and efficient way to reach more consumers.

Rather than solely launching campaigns ahead of new product releases, Samsung realised that to reach today’s always-on consumers, it needed to employ an always-on marketing strategy. The challenge was how to get in front of more potential customers without overstretching its marketing budget, so the brand decided to take on board recent market research by consolidating its ad buys with Programmatic Guaranteed.

Increasing efficiency with Programmatic Guaranteed

The process started when Samsung’s agency, Starcom, wanted to automate and streamline its workflows for media buying. That’s when the Google Marketing Platform team proposed using Programmatic Guaranteed — an automated buying solution — to reduce how long it takes to manually set up deals via Direct Reservations. With Programmatic Guaranteed, Starcom could save time by streamlining manual tasks while securing premium inventory relevant to where Samsung’s potential customers spend their time online.


After Starcom learned how to set up Programmatic Guaranteed campaigns and source inventory in Display & Video 360, the agency analysed its auction strategy and capped the number of times a user saw a display ad across various sites, reducing audience overlap and wasted impressions. What’s more, Programmatic Guaranteed enabled access to tech sites and other contextually relevant publishers, allowing Samsung to reach its core audience with a more tailored experience based on their interests.

“Consolidating in one platform gives us a holistic view of our data; plus, we can utilise our analytics insights to better understand customers’ online behaviour, which helps us build more sophisticated digital marketing campaigns,” said Mick Armstrong, digital marketing manager at Samsung Australia.

Consolidating ad buys to maximise reach

By comparing unique reach before and after transitioning to Programmatic Guaranteed, the team determined that Samsung was able to reach 2X more potential customers by consolidating its ad buys. Starcom also measured the amount of time it took to set up and manage a traditional campaign and reported that the new automated approach was 32% more efficient, saving the agency precious time and resources. The Programmatic Guaranteed campaign also generated a 36% increase in click-through rate (CTR) at a 41% lower cost per click.


Today, 90% of Samsung’s display reservation investments are consolidated in Display & Video 360. By adopting a cost-efficient, always-on marketing strategy, Samsung is able to constantly reinvest its marketing spend to reach new potential customers around the clock — not just in the lead up to a new product release. And best of all, these potential customers receive a better, more tailored online experience based on their browsing behaviour and readiness to purchase.

“Programmatic Guaranteed has fundamentally changed the way we trade digital for our team and our client,” concluded Ronnie Chiu, digital and performance lead at
Starcom. “Consolidating digital activity on Display & Video 360 has allowed us to maximise reach across channels and campaigns, driving positive results and operational efficiencies for our digital and performance team.”

It's about time: Consolidate your ad buys to maximise reach and increase efficiency