Chapter 2: In-App Search

March 2016

Effective and useful app search is crucial for helping app users find what they need. Maximize the value of your app's search features using these principles.

(Continued from Chapter 1: App Navigation and Exploration)

6. Prominently display the search field.

Users with a specific task or need will typically look for a search field. They often prefer this to browsing. Apps that do not have a prominently placed search box can cause user frustration and slow the user down.

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7. Use effective search indexing.

Ensure that search results are useful. Given the frequency with which users rely on the search feature for specific tasks, they expect it to work as well as Google. Some helpful functions include spelling auto-corrections, recognition of root words, predictive text, and suggestions while the user enters text. These tools can reduce the likelihood of user errors. They will also help speed up the search process and keep users on-task toward conversion.

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8. Provide filter and sort options.

Users become overwhelmed when their search terms result in seemingly irrelevant and/or too many results. Filter and sort options can help users narrow and organize their results, which otherwise requires extensive (and excessive) scrolling or pagination on a small screen.

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