July 2016

Amanda wanted to eat out with her family, but didn't want to break the bank. She used her smartphone to research "kids eat free Tuesday" for her local area, and found just the place. Now, she doesn't need to worry about cooking or spending money on a dinner the kids might wear instead of eat.

Like many consumers, Amanda knew exactly what kind of restaurant she was looking for, even though she didn't have a specific brand or location in mind. In order to reach people like Amanda in their I-want-to-go moments, think about what your potential consumers might be looking for outside of your restaurant name—Special deals? Outdoor seating? Gluten-free options? All-day breakfast near me?—and make sure you're showing up in those moments.

And this isn't just specific to restaurants. By understanding what consumers might be searching for in your brand category, such as free shipping or a great return policy, you can be there and be useful in all of those I-want-to know, go, do, or buy moments, and convert browsers into buyers.

Every month, people visit one and a half billion destinations related to searches they have done on Google.

Source: Google data, Global, March 2016.

I-want-to-go moments: From search to store