2019 YouTube Ads Leaderboards: A look back at viewers’ favourite video spots

January 2020

From collaborating with popular creators to trying out new camera tricks, there are plenty of ways to take your online video creative to the next level. Explore our 2019 YouTube Ads Leaderboards to get inspiration from brands that won over Aussies and Kiwis last year.

People say our attention spans are getting shorter, dropping down to just eight seconds, but that myth has already been busted. Some of the most popular online videos are just as long — if not longer — than traditional TV shows. And with YouTube watch time increasing, it’s clear that viewers are more leaned in than ever — they’re just getting more selective about what they pay attention to.

When we looked back at the ads Aussies and Kiwis loved in 2019, we saw that winning viewers’ attention in the era of personal primetimes comes down to prioritising their passions. Viewers are quick to turn away from ads that are simply promotional in favor of content that inspires, motivates, and delights them.

The spots featured on our 2019 YouTube Ads Leaderboards show how experimenting with storytelling and crafting new narratives is key to captivating viewers. Watch last year’s top ads to see how leading brands caught people’s eyes with personalised creative.

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