What 22,000 campaigns taught us about an effective media mix

April 2019

“Siloed mentality is dangerous — multimedia campaigns drive the greatest return on investment,” says Paul Sinkinson, vice president of Analytic Partners.

As an independent media mix modelling agency, Analytic Partners has conducted meta-analysis of over 22,000 market mix models to discover what maximises media effectiveness. Watch Paul discuss how marketers can drive short- and long-term media effectiveness.

What brands can do to drive media effectiveness

  • Break down silos in marketing campaigns and adopt a multimedia approach to maximise return on investment (ROI). According to Analytic Partners' research, the best-performing campaigns use five media channels.
  • Online video helps marketers drive both short- and long-term media effectiveness and boost ROI.
  • Use both online and offline media. Although online media drives 30% more ROI than offline media, combining the two boosts returns even more. Campaigns that tap both online and offline media see 50% more ROI than those that use only offline channels.

How marketers can maximise ROI from online media

  • Reach your most engaged, valuable audiences on digital. Marketers can drive higher ROI by engaging millennials with online video.
  • Craft engaging, relevant messages for your audience. Seventy percent of online video ROI relies on ads’ quality, and made-for-digital creative performs between 2.2-3.6X better than free-to-air TV ads.

To further understand why linear TV ROI and online video ROI are so different for millennials, read The Lab’s ethnography research comparing their viewing habits and behaviours with heavier linear TV viewers over 40.

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