Nissan Australia Launches the All-New Nissan Patrol on YouTube

February 2014

Nissan wanted to showcase the all-new Nissan Patrol with engaging, longer-form content that made it easy for viewers to dig deeper for more details. The company chose YouTube's TrueView video format for its ability to put dynamic web content at the viewer's fingertips, using interactive video annotations. This launch campaign brought about an unprecedented conversion rate in Australia with 2.3% of those interacting with the campaign booking a test drive.


Showcase the all-new Nissan Patrol to two very different audiences: the new, large luxury SUV market and existing fans already loyal to the brand

Tell a longer story that conveyed all the amazing new features and technology in the new Nissan Patrol


Created an inspiring YouTube video that used YouTube annotations to give viewers the ability to find out more about the Nissan Patrol

Used TrueView to promote its content and gave people the option of viewing or skipping the ad


50% increase in Google searches for "Nissan Patrol"

340% increase in average visits per day to the Nissan website

2.3% of those who interacted with the campaign booked a test drive (highest conversion rate in Nissan Australia’s history)

As a brand, we're always facing new challenges, so we have to try new things. We can outspend other competitors, or we can do something different and smart.

—Heath Walker, Digital Marketing Manager, Nissan

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