Telstra's Nationwide New Year's Eve Celebration

May 2013

With consumers seeking content across every platform, multi-screen access is critical in reaching your audience. Telstra used multi-screen capabilities to bring the unique Sydney New Year's Eve experience to all of Australia and beyond, with a half dozen cameras, live streaming, and unprecedented mobile interaction.


Share the unique experience of New Year's Eve in Sydney across Australia

Use multiple devices to engage with a single user


Stream the whole night on multiple platforms from six cameras

Build a rich, engaging app experience from which users could interact


600K+ views on the YouTube live stream

70K+ app downloads, leading to over 1 million minutes of brand engagement

30,253 total hours viewed on YouTube

Sydney New Year's Eve is something that's to be enjoyed by everyone. There was something in it for everyone: Whether you wanted to watch on TV, whether you wanted to watch live on YouTube, or whether you wanted to be able to participate with the app.
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