October 2016

George had just started his auto purchase journey and was using his smartphone to look at videos of hybrid vehicles on YouTube and brand websites. He wanted to research aspects of different models, so that when it came time to purchase, he could make an informed decision.

Mobile is often the starting point for consumers embarking on an auto purchase journey. People like George will spend hours researching different makes and models on their smartphones to help them answer initial questions about the vehicle they're interested in. Data shows these early research moments are increasingly influenced by video, which is a great way to engage consumers and answer their which-car-is-best questions. Video allows people to see different aspects of the vehicle (such as interior details), watch reviews, and compare cars without having to hike around to different dealerships.

Marketers can own the which-car-is-best moments by providing the right visual and/or interactive auto aides that will help consumers take the important first step in their purchase journey, right from their smartphone. The brands that do this are the ones that are more likely to become a part of the consumer's final consideration set when it comes time to buy.

69% of people who used YouTube while buying a car were influenced by it — more than TV, newspapers, or magazines.

Source: TNS Media Consumption Report.

Turning Micro-Moments into Growth Opportunities