How Domino’s enticed Aussies on YouTube with a slice of the Big Apple

February 2019

Domino’s is a pioneer of using technology to improve its customer experience. When the pizza giant saw Aussies’ attention was steadily shifting to online video, it decided to launch its New Yorker Pizza Range with a YouTube-led campaign. Watch the video below to find out how Domino’s strategy shift resulted in steady sales growth across Australia.

Domino’s became the No. 1 pizza company in Australia by consistently using the latest technology to create seamless and enjoyable customer experiences. As a result, Domino’s marketing team keeps a close eye on changing consumer behaviour. Noticing that Aussies are spending more time on YouTube every month, the brand saw an opportunity to reach even more customers by using online video to lead its New Yorker Pizza Range campaign.

But first, Domino’s wanted to make sure that YouTube’s wide reach would translate to higher sales. To find out, the brand tested the platform’s impact in two vastly different markets — Queensland and Western Australia — using a combination of bumper and TrueView ads. After running nationwide TV ads using its typical media mix and seeing relatively flat sales, the brand launched its exclusive YouTube campaign in Queensland. After sales in Queensland grew 1% compared with the rest of the country, Domino’s followed up with a second YouTube-only campaign in Western Australia, which resulted in an uplift of 0.5%.

Once all its campaigns had concluded, Domino’s YouTube campaigns consistently boosted sales by 0.5 to 1% overall — a huge uplift considering the millions of pizzas sold every year. Moving forward, Domino’s plans to create customised ads on the platform that cater to Aussies’ different tastes, such as veggie-lover pizza ads for consumers interested in vegetarian options. “The future is very exciting for Domino’s,” said Allan Collins, Domino’s group chief marketing officer. “In the old days, one message had to fit everyone. With all this new technology, particularly YouTube, you can have more relevant messages for your consumers.”

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