iSelect Leverages TrueView and Bumper Ads to Supercharge Its Timely Insurance Campaign in Australia

September 2017

Every year when insurers increase their premiums, iSelect pounces with fresh, impactful messaging. This year, iSelect and its agency Leo Burnett created unique made-for-YouTube bumper ads to run alongside its TrueView spot, driving ad recall and consideration.


Encourage Australians to review their health insurance policies as rates rise

Improve ad recall and consideration

Keep campaign fresh and top-of-mind with variety of creative executions


Served skippable, long-format TrueView ads and unique, six-second bumper ads to target audience

Created one TrueView ad and three bumper ads with the same actors and sets but using different footage

Retargeted TrueView viewers with bumper ads to reinforce brand message and increase cost efficiency


TrueView ads had a 29% view-through rate and generated +18% uplift in ad recall for viewers and +23% uplift in consideration for viewers

Bumper ads led to +10% additional uplift in ad recall and +10% additional uplift in consideration

+129% uplift in branded search for iSelect

Combining TrueView and bumper ads led to 52% cost reduction of one point of lifted brand consideration

This campaign was iSelect’s first foray into YouTube’s bumper ad format—and taking the approach to create executions specifically for the format paid off. “The bumper ad format provided us with an additional opportunity to speak to potential customers during what is a very cluttered time, gain their attention, and further improve our brand metrics,” said Geraldine Davys, chief marketing officer at iSelect. “Through YouTube, we were able to accurately reach our target market with our rate-rise message and measure the impact this had on purchase consideration and the uplift in people searching for our brand.”

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