How brands can lean into the right moments in 2019

Chloe Finch, Kelly McKesten / November 2018

These videos are based on lessons from the free Primer app.

The new year is full of fresh opportunities to tap into trends, understand what your audience is searching for, and discover unexpected ways to reach new people. With the right marketing plan in place, brands can add value to their audience’s lives at exactly the right times.

In this two-part video tutorial, we’ll show you how to identify the marketing moments relevant to your brand and how to create a marketing plan to capitalize on them.

Part 1: Finding the right marketing moments

Start big, with a broad list that includes all the obvious holidays, seasonal changes, awards shows, sporting events, TV finales, and more. Then push even further by  thinking about the less obvious moments where your brand can shine.


Part 2: Making a marketing plan and creating assets

The next step is to set a business goal for each moment. Then, get to work on the creative. The best brand messages align the business goal with the moment.

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