Tables of Content: Creativity and Control: Collaborating with YouTubers

June 2017

Millions of Aussies spend hours upon hours watching YouTube creators every day. Leaders from Coca-Cola and Optus sit down with a YouTuber manager and radio host to discuss the influence of YouTube creators: their authenticity, the size of their communities, and their appeal to brands.

The people who know content shared their favourite things about YouTube: videos that make them laugh, creators they can’t get enough of, and more.


Leo leads a team at Coca-Cola that provides leadership, consultation, and support to the company's brand teams and agency partners. Constantly stretching to develop best-in-class marketing, Leo is one of the talented marketers behind the "Share a Coke" campaign.

"This AT&T video is a great example of how a brand can work with creators to generate content that not only resonates with its audience but also lands the brand's key message. The 'It Can Wait' platform is something AT&T has created over time through multiple content and connection strategies. This video is a small example of the effort they clearly take to ensure the content is fit-for-purpose. It demonstrates an understanding of the creators, their channel, the audience, and how to execute with impact. Read the comments. Powerful stuff.

Video: Wait for it... this could save your life

Of all our creator collaborations, my personal favourite is the Fanta work we executed with Elly Awesome. She was a perfect fit for the brand, the content resonated well with her audience, and it generated some great results."


Smallzy is the host of Australia’s #1 night show, "Smallzy's Surgery," on Nova Entertainment. In addition to his success on the radio, Smallzy is one of Australia's most powerful social media influencers and is seen regularly on Channel Nine's "Weekend Today," Seven’s "The Morning Show," and Foxtel's "E! The Hype."

"I'm a little bit of a tech junkie, so I like to stay on top of all the cool new gadgets that are coming out and what they're like. The YouTube community is full of great Apple reviewers, Microsoft reviewers, etc., but there aren't that many impartial reviewers who give you a bit of everything. Marques Brownlee is quick off the mark, has an active channel, and not to mention, he drives a Tesla!"

Video: Inside Lucid Air: The Future of Luxury? | Creator: Marques Brownlee
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