Tables of Content: How New Spaces Demand New Ideas

June 2017

How do you create content that becomes part of culture and our social fabric? In this episode, leaders from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Screen Australia, and Princess Pictures discuss YouTube as a platform that enables them to support, create, and experiment with unskippable stories.

The people who know content shared their favourite things about YouTube: videos that make them laugh, creators they can’t get enough of, and more.


Brought on as managing director of ABC in 2016, Michelle focuses on how the broadcaster can continue to deliver great Australian content in a fast-changing, fragmented, and increasingly global media market. Along with media management and content development expertise, Michelle has intimate knowledge of both traditional broadcasting and the new digital media landscape. Over the last 25 years, she's worked for a range of broadcasting and media organisations in Europe, Asia, and North America, including BSkyB, Star TV, and Google.

"Troye Sivan is a shining example of how incredibly influential YouTube stars have become in recent years. And he’s Australian! Troye isn't just an internet star—he's a major force in today’s world of entertainment. If Troye tried walking down the street on a normal day, he'd be mobbed by fans in an instant!"

Video: Let's Talk About Sex | Creator: Troye Sivan

Graeme became CEO of Screen Australia in 2013, having previously worked in Britain across all aspects of film production, sales and acquisitions, and distribution. With more than 20 years of international experience in film, television, and multimedia businesses, Graeme has in-depth knowledge of the full spectrum of the screen sector.

"Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan are two of Australia's most entertaining YouTube stars. The Katering Show exploded in 2015 after the infamous Thermomix episode, but I especially loved season two in 2016 because 'the Kates' really delivered next-level Australian humour—it’s completely irreverent, often inappropriate, intelligent, and just damn funny. This Yummy Mummy episode is appallingly good, taking a bullseye to a gruesome hipster trend. It's comedy that makes you a little bit sick. I loved it.

Video: The Katering Show S2 - Yummy Mummies | Creators: Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan

Danny and Michael Philippou from Adelaide are Australia's biggest global stars that nobody over the age of 27 has heard of. The Rackaracka continue to impress us with their ability to ride the millennium wave—quite rightly in superhero suits—exporting our sense of humour around the world. Screen Australia are really proud to have worked with the boys for a couple of years now, and we can’t wait to see what they do with their latest Google Skip Ahead funding! They're smart, creative, and always deliver."


Laura started Princess Pictures in 2003, driven by a vision to support unique creative ideas and people, and push audiences to see the world in new ways. Her recent productions include the pilot episode of "Bleak" from The Katering Show, with Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan, and the award-winning documentary "The Graceland Happiness Project."

"Ryan Shelton is a hugely talented comedy writer and performer with a bunch of hilarious clips on YouTube. I think one of his keys to success is pushing visual boundaries by incorporating new technologies into his videos.

Video: How To Life | Episode 1: How To Lie | Creator: Ryan Shelton

Aunty Donna is another YouTube channel I love. The creators behind the channel really brought vaudeville to YouTube. The group has a unique voice and compelling visual style, and each member is brilliant and likeable in their own right.”

Tables of Content: YouTube Invites You to Lunch