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Rachael Powell

Head of Consumer and Market Research Google Australia and New Zealand
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Elizabeth Verow

Research Manager Google

Mark Henning

Director Kantar Research

1 Google/Ehrenberg-Bass/MediaScience, Attention Measures (Videos), US, 2018., lab study, 13 videos, 108 participants.

2 Google, TrueView Brand Studies Aug.–Sept. 2016, Global, data for users with single impression. Data shows ratio of additive differences vs. control respondents for each group of viewers. All advertisements measured were video ads and designed to be both audible and viewable.

3, 7 Google/Kantar/Eye Square study, AUS, March 2020, 2808 ads, 737 mins of ads shown where ad length was identifiable. Platforms included: YT, FTA, CUTV.

4 Google/Kantar/Eye Square Attention study, AUS, March 2020, quantitative online survey, n=138, AA3: You said you occasionally/primarily focus on something else when ads are showing on this platform, why is this?

5, 8 Google/Revealing Reality, Environmental Factors of Attention, UK, screen record 25 respondents for 2 weeks 24 hours per day.

6 Google / Kantar / Eye Square, Attention Study, AUNZ, March 2020, qualitative in-depth interviews, n=18.