Why YouTube is an essential part of Aussie millennials’ lives

Cassandra Lewis, Justine McCullagh / May 2018

New research shows that YouTube is where Aussie millennials go to make up their minds, to connect with the world around them, and for self-development. Learn more about Aussie millennials’ behaviour on YouTube—and what your brand can do to reach this valuable audience.

Aussie millennials, aged 21 to 35, have grown up in an ever-changing world, and they’ve come to expect unprecedented access to information—wherever and whenever they want. Offering diversity of content and best-in-class personalisation, YouTube’s highly adaptable user experience and on-demand nature provides the sense of control that millennials crave.

YouTube is a big part of that world for both millennials and for the rest of Australia. Aussies of all ages are spending more and more time on YouTube, with over 15M Aussies spending more than 18 hours each on YouTube per month.

But how do brands meaningfully connect with Aussie millennials? We’ve partnered with Flamingo, Ipsos, and TNS1 for the past year, conducting research with over 2,500 Aussies to better understand the important role the platform plays in their lives. Keep reading to learn more.

Where Aussie millennials go to make up their minds

Aussie millennials are truth seekers, so they’re savvy about where they source information and how they form their opinions. They no longer rely on just one source, instead they seek out alternatives to help them shape their view of the world.


Aussie millennials view YouTube as a source of genuine, authentic perspectives. “I think you have to be able to think for yourself,” said Daniel, 27. “I think what is really important is to be able to see two sides of a story."2

Among millennials on YouTube, 58% agree that YouTube is a place where they can hear different viewpoints on current events.3 And 53% of them watch YouTube to hear from real people about real events.3

“It informs from a different viewpoint,” said Courtney, 30. “By getting information from a new video that’s being streamed from a war-torn country—from somebody who’s actually on the ground–you can actually see firsthand what’s happening."2

Where Aussie millennials go to connect with the world around them

Growing up in a globalised world, Aussie millennials feel pride in their open-mindedness and have a desire to engage with people and communities beyond their immediate surroundings. “It’s super important to engage with a ton of different people so that we can eliminate the whole concept of an echo chamber,” said Chris, 21.2


YouTube feeds Aussie millennials’ desire to connect with people and issues from the larger world around them. “I’m watching YouTubers from Malaysia or London. You realise that there’s a whole world of people who are into what you like. That is cool,” shared Chris.2

Whether to learn about completely new cultures or to engage with people around the world who’re interested in similar things, 79% of Aussie millennials turn to YouTube to connect.3 “Watching videos from South Korea or Japan, especially beauty and fashion trends, helps me connect with cultures because it allows me to see the insider point of view from these women; the crazy, faddy things that they find interesting; and what they’re doing to stay ahead of the beauty curve,” said Courtney.2

Where Aussie millennials go for self-development

Aussie millennials are structuring their lives on their own terms, relying on internal guidance and validation to set their own pace and path. As millennials begin to think more critically about their personal and professional development, they’re increasingly drawn to content that aids them in their journey.


While previous generations might have sought out self-help books, life coaches, and training courses, 73% of millennials on YouTube use it to gain a new skill.3

“It’s definitely a tool that you can use to inform yourself or better yourself as a person,” said Courtney. “And there are some people on there with some really interesting viewpoints, and you can do a lot of self-learning on it. There are some really good, informative videos on there that allow people to go and educate themselves in different facets."2

How marketers can get the attention of their audiences on YouTube

Whether turning to YouTube to make up their minds, to connect with the world around them, or for self-development, YouTube plays an increasingly important role in the lives of millennials, and, in fact, with Aussies overall.

The beauty of YouTube is that advertisers can tailor their approach to reach the specific audience they care about. Whether that's a broad audience like millennials or a niche audience like "Aussies planning a trip to South America," our advanced audience solutions and unique insights can help you connect with the audience you care about most when they are leaned in on YouTube.

Why YouTube plays an essential role in Aussies’ lives