YouTube audience solutions

December 2016

YouTube's audience solutions help you reach the right customers by using deep layers of consumer insights and signals to understand what they want at the right moments.

How it works

In addition to demographic targeting, our tools allow your brand to:

  1. Connect with your ideal consumers, based on their interests and behaviors, using our Affinity Audiences and Custom Affinity Audiences tools.
  2. Engage people based on their purchase intent, using the In-Market Audiences solution.
  3. Take a personalized approach to audience targeting by bringing your own data to Customer Match, Similar Audiences, and remarketing.

Reach people based on their interests and behaviors

Affinity Audiences: Move beyond demographics to reach people most likely to have an affinity for what your brand offers. If you are a home improvement retailer, for example, you can promote your latest seasonal offer to people who have demonstrated an interest in "do-it-yourself" projects. With more than 100 unique affinities based on consumers' lifestyles and interests, Affinity Audiences allow you to engage at scale with precision.

Custom Affinity Audiences: Create your own Affinity Audience and reach exactly the people you're looking for at scale—because you determine the audience parameters. For instance, a beauty brand can create a custom audience to reach women looking for frizzy-hair care or short hairstyles.

Reach people based on their purchase intent

In-Market Audiences: Reach potential customers while they're actively shopping online, using precise segments that classify users based on their demonstrated in-market behavior and purchase intent. For example, an electronics brand can reach and influence users who have been watching YouTube videos to compare different smartphone models.

Reach people with a personalized approach

Customer Match and Similar Audiences: Upload your existing customer data—such as email lists—to reach your highest-value customers on YouTube when it matters most. Customer Match helps you drive loyalty, cross-sell, or exclude current customers.

You can then layer on Similar Audiences to find new, qualified consumers who most resemble your highest-value customers. It's a simple, powerful way to reach more people on YouTube who are likely to be interested in your brand.

Remarketing: Use remarketing to reinforce your message with customers who have already seen your video, channel, or website but have not yet taken action. Convince them to take action and convert by showing them tailored ads that keep your brand top of mind.

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