Jamie G headshot.jpg

Jamie Gargatsougias

Head of Brand Strategy Google Canada

1 YouTube Internal Data, CA, December 2020

2 Claim: "When watching YouTube on the TV screen in December 2020, CA viewers watched videos that were on average over 20% longer than the average of those viewed on mobile and desktop, and the average view was over 140% longer," Source: YouTube Internal Data, CA, December 2020

3 YouTube Internal Data, CA, Dec 2020

4 Claim: Based on a Nielsen meta-analysis of studies conducted in Canada that measured the synergistic sales lift impact of YouTube & TV, weeks with >50% of the video spend on YouTube drove the highest combined ROI when compared to the average of weeks measured. Source: A Google commissioned Nielsen Meta-Analysis of yearly MMM results across 30 unique CPG brands in 2017-2019. The results are valid for weeks with TV and YouTube media spending and CPM levels are within the range observed during the study period. The results do not account for the potential impact of saturation due to increased spending.

5 Commissioned Nielsen Brand Equity Model Meta Analysis, Canada, 2017-2020. Brand Health Metrics defined as: Ad awareness, Consideration, Purchase intent and Word of mouth. Base: Data from MMM studies selected and compiled by Nielsen across 26 CPG observations that contained media channels: YouTube, Google Display Network, Google Search, TV, Other Video, Other Display. Third party brand health metrics selected and compiled in partnership with Nielsen across the same 26 CPG observations for ad awareness, consideration, purchase intent, and word of mouth.

6 nLogics MTM - Fall Adoption Report, 2020

7 2020 - Total TV, Live TV, PVR: Numeris PPM, Total Canada, All Locations, Mo-Su 2a-2a, Sept 14, 2020-Dec 20, 2020 (Weeks 3-16) via eMarketer 2010/2011 -Numeris (formerly BBM Canada): 30 August 2010 to 28 August 2011, includes all persons 2+, Monday to Sunday, 2 a.m. to 2 a.m. via CRTC Reporting