Display Benchmarks

January 2018

Marketers need to know how their display campaigns perform against the industry at large. But comparing performance metrics can be a maddening exercise, with little uniformity or context. That’s why Google’s Display Benchmarks Tool was designed: to add color and shade to data. Marketers can expect to take away keen insights from every interaction with the tool.

Want to know how different ad formats and sizes perform compared to one another? Pull up-to-date industry benchmarks such as click-through rate (CTR), interaction rate and time, impression rate, and video completions. Need a region-by-region breakdown of campaign performance? Slice and filter the data by country, vertical, ad size, and ad format.

The Display Benchmarks Tool presents a number of viewing options. Users can display results in map form:

Display Benchmark screenshot 01

According to ad format:

Display Benchmark screenshot 02

Or in a trend view:

Display Benchmark screenshot 03
Google Trends