The trending products Canadian shoppers searched for leading into the holidays

Swathi Meenakshi Sadagopan / December 2020

Shoppers and retailers are now well into the largest digital holiday shopping season on record, and the products they’re searching for could hint at trends that could carry throughout the season.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been seeing surprising shifts in what Canadians are shopping for and how. Early on, as COVID-related restrictions curtailed Canadians' freedom to move, more attention was placed on the home as seen in search interest for “home office,” which grew +185% YoY1. Now, the recently concluded Cyber Week demonstrates shopper preference for the online channel, with just over half of Canadian holiday shoppers visiting a store during Cyber Week, and 63% of time being spent online.2

Across Canada, over 70% of Canadian holiday shoppers say they are browsing online, not in-store.3 Almost half of Canadians say they’re buying more deals online to avoid stores, and 58%4 say they are shopping with local businesses.5

As our homes become malleable to serve more purposes, the holiday season has shifted attention away from the home office to other parts of the home. Search interest for products like UGG slippers, video game consoles and espresso machines hint that people are looking for ways to spend time at home by themselves or with their families this winter. Here are some of the trending products and popular searches on Google Shopping in Canada over the past month.6

CA product trends Overall CA trends - Toys CA product trends home appliances CA product trends exercise CA product trends beauty CA product trends home improvement

In a year that has seen many firsts, the role of a retailer has evolved. For many who are shopping with a retailer or brand for the first time, this holiday season offers retailers the chance for creating a first impression and a lasting relationship. Look for opportunities to delight shoppers offline (via extended fulfillment options, for example) or online (via helpful content or a seamless shopping experience) and continue to keep track of real-time and trending product searches on Google Trends Canada.

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Swathi Meenakshi Sadagopan

Strategy & Insights Lead Google Canada

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