Lisa Gevelber

Lisa Gevelber

VP, Marketing for the Americas at Google

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Erica Fitzpatrick

Brand Marketing Google Canada

1 Google/Purchased Digital Diary, "How Consumers Solve Their Needs in the Moment," representative sample of Canadian smartphone users=1,011, responses=23,088, needs=12,672, smartphone users by need type= [Buy] 894; [Do] 711; [Go] 807; [Know] 681, purchasers by need type=[Buy] 676; [Do] 275; [Go] 465; [Know] 231, April 2017.

2 Source: Google Trends June 2015 vs. June 2017. U.S.

3 Google Data Jan.-June 2017 vs. Jan.-Jun 2015. Canada.

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6 SOASTA, "The State of Online Retail Performance," April 2017.

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