Brands and agencies are fundamentally rethinking traditional offerings and operating models in 2021. The result? Richer insights, stronger creative, and tight-knit multidisciplinary teams. In short, a high-value strategic partnership that is ready for anything.

Ready Together: Rethinking operating models

A new study from Google and 4A’s explores how brands and agencies can work together to accelerate growth.1

As the Kellogg Company and Leo Burnett have been partners for nearly a century, we brought together Gail Horwood, Kellogg North America chief marketing officer, and Aki Spicer, chief strategy officer at Leo Burnett, to talk openly about how they’re rethinking operating models to be ready for the future.

Explore more insights about how agencies and brands can be ready together.

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Copy & Design: Redwood BBDO (Agency); Story: Paddy Collins and Aly Gibson; Product Lead: Casey Fictum; Production Lead: Jenny Maughan.


Forrester Consulting, U.S., Ready Together: How US Agencies Can Accelerate Growth Today and Futureproof for Tomorrow, a thought leadership study commissioned by Google and 4A’s, Jan. 2021.