Retail isn’t dead, it’s just changing: Shopify’s Shimona Mehta on the future of e-commerce

Shimona Mehta, Matt McHale / October 2018

What does the future of e-commerce look like? As the head of revenue acceleration for Shopify Plus, it’s Shimona Mehta’s job to look several years ahead to strategize for the Canadian e-commerce giant. With hundreds of thousands of merchants using Shopify’s innovative e-commerce platform, Mehta has a unique vantage point on what’s changing in the space.

She recently sat down with Google’s head of mid market acceleration, Matt McHale, to talk about the three key trends shaping e-commerce today: Constantly shifting consumer behaviour, the need for retailers to innovate, and the rapid growth of direct-to-consumer sales. Watch the video for insights from Mehta on what these trends mean for your business.

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