Marketing with machine learning: How brands in Canada can get started

February 2018

There’s an artificial intelligence (AI) revolution afoot—and Canada's got a leg up. With the government’s strategy to attract and retain AI talent and a growing ecosystem of AI researchers and companies on our home soil, we’re seeing more Canadian businesses using machine learning technology to work smarter and grow faster. We’ve also seen 60% of leading marketers increasing their investments in capabilities like machine learning that can predict customer needs.1

That’s just on the business front. On the consumer side, nearly half of Canadians think they use or will use AI-enhanced devices and tools in their personal lives in the next five years.2 What’s that mean for marketers? Now is the time to dive in, get started, and bring the power of machine learning into your marketing mix.

First things first: A quick refresher on AI and machine learning

Put simply, AI is teaching machines to process information in a highly intelligent way. Machine learning—a subset of AI and the “brains” behind many of digital marketing’s automated solutions—gives computers the ability to use data to learn and adapt without being explicitly programmed to do so.

Machine learning isn't magic—it’s still just computing—but it is magical. Right now, it does things that humans can do but much faster, more precisely, and at a scale that wouldn't be possible for humans. With its ability to learn from vast sets of data, machine learning is now embedded in many advertising products and is allowing marketers to do new things, from better targeting to more accurate measurement of where their ads appear.

4 areas to add machine learning to your marketing mix

Adopting machine learning doesn’t have to be an organizational overhaul. Start small. Pick one area where your brand could benefit from using data and set aside some budget for testing.

We’ve outlined four areas for you to explore below:

ML-Audience ML-Creative ML-Optimize(final) ML-Measurement

Canadian companies that have succeeded with machine learning

Read about how four Canadian companies drove impressive results by integrating AI solutions into their marketing mix below:

ML-Hudson ML-Home-Depot-larger ML_Kanetix image

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