Interac Drives Awareness in Canada by Shifting Spend From TV to Programmatic Video

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Can programmatic online video drive upper-funnel results? After Interac’s recent video campaign through DoubleClick Bid Manager achieved lifts in ad recall, brand awareness, and brand interest, all signs for the global brand point to yes.

Interac, a global leader in debit card services, looked to drive awareness for its new debit card enhancement, Interac Flash. The company has historically used TV to drive upper-funnel brand metrics like awareness and interest. With programmatic video taking off (we've seen a 600% growth in programmatic video impressions bought from the Ad Age Top 100 advertisers using DoubleClick Bid Manager and new sophisticated video targeting and measurement tools on the market, Interac decided to put that thinking to the test.

Interac and its media agency shifted dollars from TV to digital video, leveraging DoubleClick Bid Manager to buy TrueView ads on YouTube and video ads across the DoubleClick Ad Exchange to get its message in front of the right people, at the right time, and at the right cost.

Check out how Interac is making the shift to digital video and the full results by downloading the PDF below.

Global State of Play: Programmatic Video Insights Report