Back to Basics: 5 ways to make the most of your mobile app

Billal Qureshi / May 2020

Back to Basics is a new Think with Google Canada series where Google experts explore digital marketing best practices.

E-commerce is on the rise in Canada, and companies are looking for new ways to connect to their customers digitally. Over 35% of Canadian smartphone users say they are more likely to use a brand’s mobile app when browsing or shopping on a smartphone because it’s easier to make a purchase.1 With e-commerce growth and high intent for app usage, companies should be thinking about apps as a way to keep building momentum.

Here are five ways to maximize your app’s potential.

Keep it up-to-date

Your app is an extension of your business, and it’s important to keep a consistent presence across all of your channels. During times of uncertainty when consumers are reliant on credible information, ensure all your channels, including your app, are updated with the latest information. Also ensure the imagery and messaging on your app reflects other in-market creative.

Build campaigns

Help customers find your app by building app campaigns to drive awareness and downloads. Google App campaigns allow businesses to create and optimize ads specifically for apps across all of Google’s properties. The streamlined process lets businesses simply input text, creative and a starting bid, and the rest is optimized using machine learning technology.

Test often

Apps require care and attention to ensure they are functioning to their full ability. Whether testing new updates or simply performing a weekly or monthly routine check up, it’s important to make sure your app is working hardest for you. Firebase Test Lab is a cloud-based app-testing infrastructure that allows you to test your app across a variety of devices and see the results.

Remarket and re-engage

It’s important to track what happens after a customer installs your app. How do they engage with it? When do they drop off? Understanding these patterns will help you understand your customer’s needs so you can effectively communicate with them. Establish a creative messaging strategy to entice them back in, and make it easy for them to action when they arrive in the app.

Once your messaging strategy is set, use Search and Display ads to re-engage with customers. Display uses remarketing lists, or user segments you want to re-engage with. Search uses keywords, a collection of terms people would use to reach you.

Deep link

Deep links are a type of URL that can help take customers to specific areas of your app. They are especially handy when creating ads that are asking users to take a specific action. Working with your development team to create these deep links on other channels, as well as through ads, can help create a clear path to purchase for customers.

Apps are an important tool for businesses during this e-commerce moment happening in Canada. Ensuring they are kept up-to-date and utilizing insights and best practises to help craft messaging and campaign strategies can help you make the most of your app.

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