Canadian Mobile Moments Series: Canadians Want Immediate and Convenient Experiences

July 2015

In this edition of the Mobile Moments Series, learn another reason why it's important to understand how Canadians search: They act immediately and look for the most convenient experiences

Whether they want to buy a car, search for a mortgage, or have a sudden hankering for a slice of pizza, Canadians are increasingly turning to their smartphones to solve a wide variety of everyday problems—and they want immediate results.

In our recent "Canadian Mobile Search Moments Study," we found that 75% of Canadian smartphone users who pick up their mobile devices in these moments complete the intended action within an hour.1 On our Micro-Moments site, we introduce Cathy, who breaks her milk frother and, instinctively, grabs her phone, searches for new milk frother, and orders it within a couple minutes. She uses her smartphone to tackle to-do items because she can get things done immediately and move on to the rest of her busy day.

People are taking action more quickly than ever before

The speed and convenience of mobile devices have rapidly changed consumer expectation over a few short years. An example of this growing impatience among consumers shows itself in our latest Canadian Tech Trends study, which found that searches including the phrase "same day delivery" grew 442% in Canada between December 2010 and December 2014.2 Our research also found that 79% of mobile searches are driven by speed, convenience, or urgency.1 It is now up to brands to meet the growing demands of their fast-moving consumers.

Moments are becoming more mobile

When a need arises, Canadians are increasingly searching for information specific to their location, and on a platform that they can take with them on the journey to solving their problem. Google Trends data found that the number of searches including the words "near me"—such as "car dealerships near me," "bank branches near me," or "pizza restaurants near me,"—increased 2X over the past year.3 Now, one in five Google searches are specifically related to location, according to our global data from March 2014.3

Why it matters

Brands need to ensure that they can be found online and help their consumers navigate their site to solve problems immediately. Whether it's letting consumers book a test drive for the following day, order a product online, or find information on store locations, consumers now expect the sites they visit are easy to browse and help them access the information they need immediately.

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