Mobile best practices: Tips, tools and trainings to create a better app experience

Billal Qureshi / July 2020

Canadians are more digital than ever before, and mobile devices have become a critical part of their consumer journey.

According to eMarketer, time spent on mobile platforms is at an all-time high, growing 16.4% YoY.1 For years, a great mobile experience was seen as a nice-to-have — a competitive advantage for businesses looking to reach customers in digital ways. But the COVID-19 pandemic has made mobile a business necessity. Despite spending more time at home, 46% of Canadian smartphone users agree their phone has been indispensable to them during the pandemic.2

This isn’t something that is expected to change post-pandemic. Even as retail stores begin to reopen, people have higher expectations about their online shopping experience, and are looking for consistent experiences across all online channels. In June, 34% of Canadians said they expect retailers to have a website/app that works on a phone.3

Investing in mobile capabilities is not only an effective way to future-proof your business, it can allow you to adapt more effectively to a constantly-evolving retail environment.

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