The Canadian Buyer's Guide to Programmatic Direct

June 2016

Programmatic Direct is making it easier for publishers to sell directly to buyers, which is a big deal in today’s always-on world of digital advertising. Here, we answer the question “What is Programmatic Direct?” and explore how it can benefit your campaign.

Connecting with your target audience in the right moment and in the right context is crucial in today's micro-moments world. And advertisers need sophisticated targeting and controls to make it happen. Programmatic Direct—one of the fastest-growing areas of digital advertising—helps connects buyers and sellers, giving ad buyers direct access to the efficiency, performance, and precision of programmatic buying.

Programmatic Direct allows marketers to purchase premium inventory directly from publishers using a demand-side platform (DSP) like Display & Video 360.1 Publishers can sell their specific inventory via Private Auctions, Preferred Deals, or Guaranteed Deals, all of which offer different incentives for different types of campaigns. Looking for more than traditional reservations and open auctions? Programmatic Direct offers options with additional control and functionality.

Marketers can get started with Programmatic Direct by browsing the Marketplace in Display & Video 360, reviewing media types, selecting the right deal type, and completing the media buy.

Download the PDF below for a complete overview of Programmatic Direct. This guide will help you understand the different deal types so you have confidence in choosing the best approach for your campaigns.

Programmatic: A Canadian Brand Marketer's Guide